Thursday, April 12, 2007


We have all been doing well. Hope everyone had a great Easter. Alayna will be starting Kindergarden in August. Nate will advance to the three year old room. We are planning for Alayna's 5th birthday party. Of course Barbie who else could we have. She will also be starting Dance class this month. Nate, he just hangs out and hits the baseball every now and then.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Giraffe and Cinderella

Hi to all. Sorry I have been delayed with the posting. This time of year has been crazy. Well we made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Alayna can't wait for Santa. She says that he is bringing her a new kitchen set. She helped her Gramma Pam decorate her tree today and we will be getting and decorating ours next week. Nate is talking more and more each day and of course having the terrible two days. Happy Holidays to all. The Efland's

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Beach and baptism photos

We had a big Labor Day week. We had the kids baptized and went to the beach. Special thanks to godparents Mike and Tracie for driving 11 hours with 3 kids from NY. We all had a blast together. Nate and Alayna are in their traditional Kazakhstan outfits. Nate ran from the ocean and Alayna tired out her granfather in the waves.

Monday, August 21, 2006

English has started and hasn't stopped

Well today I could not believe my ears. I asked Alayna which she wanted Cheerios or fruit with her yogurt and she says "Cheerios". Usually she will point to one or the other. I was taken back. It didn't stop there she just kept on talking and talking. She asked for a Cinderella sticker to put on her dress, in Walmart she named every character on shoes, and even sang in the car. Everyone kept saying she will start to talk soon don't worry and I kept thinking yeah right. Chandler took her to the library and she was just talking up a storm. She shocked him alright.

Nate has been doing well. He is repeating many words. He will tell you his name, age and the word eat. My favorite is when we ask him for a hug, he runs up to you and squeezes your neck so tight. Looking at his pictures from day one until now he has changed way to fast. His grandpa Fran has taught him how to throw the kick ball down the driveway and his football stance. Many thanks to grampa.

We will be heading to the beach in a few weeks and will post again soon. Love The Efland's

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Zoo Photos

We took a trip to the Zoo last week. Alayna loved it! When we came across the Giraffe I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. Nate enjoyed it as well although he was not to keen on the carousel ride. We have been hanging out at home and learning the ABC's. She can now write her name and knows the ABC's but won't speak it yet. At times she wants to but won't let go. I think we are cresting the mountain and will be on our way down in the next few weeks. We will continue to keep you all posted. Alyson, Chandler, Alayna and Nate

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Photos since we arrived home

Well here they are. Alayna in the pool, eating cake batter, and modeling for us. Nate with Morgan and his first spaghetti dinner.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We are finally FOUR!!

Sorry it has taken us so long to post. We arrived home on July 7th. We were greeted by many family members. Alayna and Nate did pretty well on the plane rides, as we changed planes 3 times for a total of flying hours to be 15. Once we landed in Detroit Alayna and Nate became American citizens. Our first night at home was sleepless. It has been 5 days since we have been home and we have made it to our own bed. Alayna has picked up many new English words for example, Dora, soap, shampoo, water, the dogs names and of course mama and papa. Most of her language is related to her bath time being that she is a water lover. Nate has just started withPaige, no, and goodbye. Oh and how can I forget his chants of mama at 2am, 3am,.... They are so much fun, all of the sleepless nights are worth it. We have taken many pictures since we have been home which I will put on in the next day or so. Alayna and Nate went swimming in their pool the other day they had a blast. Alyana has a big wheel that she rides every chance she gets. Although I think the outside play gym is her favorite. Nate has really started to come out in the last two days. He pets the dogs and uses the slide on his own. His facial expressions are priceless. Chandler has been back to work the last two days and I have been home enjoying every minute. We will post new photos soon so be on the look out. Love to all The Efland Family.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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