Sunday, May 28, 2006

To Live in Kazakhstan

Yesterday was the one day each week we visit the orphanage only in the morning. The children did well. Nate is doing better with his blocks and shapes. He is smiling and laughing more each day. Alayna is making good progress with the alphabet. Other than that there's not a lot to report from Sunday.
I thought I'd take up today's blog spot telling you a little about Karaganda, Kazakhstan and it's people. I was a little surprised to see how the people live. Not knowing what to expect, I thought the country would be a lot more run down being this area was under communist rule less than 20 years ago. Yesterday we went to the flea market with Annie to kill some time. Most of the items were used and old. These folks had items for sale we would have thrown out years ago. All of the vendors were very friendly and helpful. (At least we think so, they spoke Russian with a smile) Some of the buildings look run down and out of use. Some of them would be condemned in America. Others look nice and modern. The roads, those that are paved, have potholes everywhere. Mainly because these people don't have the equipment nor the resources to build roads like we're accustomed to in America. Due to the rough roads, drivers look like they're on an obstacle course driving from side to side trying to miss them. Also keep in mind the roads are NOT marked with lines, which makes the ride back and forth to the orphanage a little scary, missing oncoming cars by inches sometimes. We were asked not to wear our seatbelts because it's offensive. Some of the cars here are just like ours back home. They drive VW's, Toyota's, BMW's, Mercedes, and Mazdas. Other cars are brands found only in the East. I was able to spot one Chevy and three Ford's. Most of the people we've seen look much like Americans in the way they dress, behave, and go about their everyday business. The young people are educated and exited about their future. Being that coal mining is the primary source of income for these people, many are moving out of the area to seek better wages and an easier way of life. Overall the people are good and they all seem to be working hard for a better way of life.


At 6:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This very interesting story, and I like to read it with every new entry, check it every day several time to see your progress, I like all those pictures, keep up the good work the children look happier each time, did you show them a movie yet?

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Eflands,
I get cold chills each time I read your story. What a difference you have made in Alayna & Nate's lives in just one short week. It is just beautiful to see their smiles getting bigger with each passing day. What a testimony to the type of people you are. Pam, I know you are proud!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Anderson
Springsteed Realty


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