Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Day of Surprises

We started off our day with our morning trip to the orphanage. Sunny weather finally and most families went outside this morning. We definitely were one of them. Alayna had a hat on that reminded me of a artist today, she was to cute. Poor Nate had his shirt on that says "Big Girl". Although he did have the "Marvel Comics" on his underwear today. We all had a good visit. As we were packing up to go Lena said that we won't get a afternoon visit, we had to have our interview with the officials who grant guardianship. I guess it is best that we were surprised with this so we don't start the nerves up. We were given questions that they could ask us which are all in our home study. In between visits we were able to go and visit with Bob and Gina, who are also adopting. They are staying in an apartment which is on the other side of town about 10 minutes away. We think of it as they are in the city and we are in the country. We walked everywhere and had a great time. They took us to a restaurant they like and I had chicken pancakes which were pretty good. Chandler had schnitzel with potatoes (like meatloaf in a patty form). We went to a few malls and specialty shops that we hear others talk of. Then 4:00 came and off to the interrogation we went. There were two women and one guy in the room with us and Lena (our interpreter) . We had to tell about ourselves and what we do. They aren't to fond of medical professionals around here. They are concerned that we are adopting for organ donation. I was a little taken back by that who could ever do such a thing. After we left I did realize that I was complemented by them saying you are to young to have two children. Little do they know that there are many women at age 29 with three or more children. All in all we think it went okay. They just try to get under your skin a little, but not us we are here for a reason and are planning on bringing them home.


At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alyson, you do need to come home.
You have not seen the age of 29 in almost 4 years! Love you. mom

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes come home youngster. the flowers are waiting, not to mention starbucks and the creamory. hang in there. the big guy has this all planned out, and nothing can get in His way. miss you madly, betty farmer

At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last line of your entry says it all, "you are there for a reason and you are bringing them home." With faith like that, no one will be able to shake your focus.

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alyson, This is Crystal Kilgo, They are beautiful! I am happy for you, I am glad god blessed you with these beautiful children. You all are gonna be great parents. Continue to enjoy your trip and I will keep in touch. Have fun!


At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted you both to know that I rush home from the hospital to see if anything has been posted. The pictures of the kids are priceless.. I too love her hat and his sweet sweet face, you could just eat him up....And Alyson what would we all do without our MOMs to remind us our age.... Just wait when they stop your kids start.
Karyn (Sandy's sis)


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